Star is a centralized repository to store all types of structured & unstructured data at scale.


Store any format of structured or unstructured data, binary or human-readable.


Control the integrity of your data through built-in version control systems (VCS).


Indexed records of data for fast search and retrieval for even the most complex queries.

Security, extensibility, performance. No comprises.

Centralized & Secured

Star™ keeps your most classified data secured, on-premise within your supervision. Data can be stored securely within our encrypted internal volumes, or symbolically linked to external, cloud, or existing on-premise data-stores.

Data exploration made easier

Star empowers optimal organization of all your data, mitigating the need for indexing, file servers or SQL querying. Our advanced filtering allows dynamic reporting of your data without the hassle.

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Harness the power of the nation's first full-stack AI company from data labeling to modeling.

Accelerate machine learning and deep learning in a trusted and transparent way.

Work with the nation's best annotators and orchestrate active learning.

Create ground truth 10x faster.

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