AI-as-a-Service for Medical

Accelerate on hand robot surgery (RSS) through predictive analytics and active learning. Simulate real-world surgery scenarios to ensure high-procedure success through our ML Pipelines to foster a healthier community.

Best-in-class deep learning models to anatomize Medical content

Endless content anatomization at your figure tips, from easily processing thousands of medical exam datasets, to anonymizing/storing X-ray or CAT Scan data, leverage our automated medical ML's with greater accuracy for better healthcare results.


Accuracy in medical records management.


Faster medical claim processing powered by AI.


Efficiency in diagnosis from our pre-trained DL models.


Medical NLP

Easily classify & prioritize any patient data
Examine & interpret text content 10x faster by utilizing our NLP ML models for precise patient history classification. Create customized classification filters or use our premade models for automation in managing insured patient records with massive resource reduction.

Medical Computer Vision

Achieving leverage in Medical Vision
Medical imaging is processed through our pre-trained computer vision models providing accelerated and accurate classification at scale. Utilize our pipelines to Identify criterions such as cancer, cardiovascular and other sets of medical conditions while achieving less human error in diagnoses.

Medical 3D & Spatial

AR & VR at Scale
Leverage our DL pipelines to label the most complex data for an immersive VR experience through advanced object identification. Utilize our models to precisely study patient anatomy in AR with vital & organ classification for surgery prep, providing accurate & low risk surgeries.

An extensive and ever-growing list of supported input file types.









Our DL models classify over 30+ subclasses across 4 distinct classes

X-ray Annotation

Utilize our data training infrastructure to process X-ray images for fractures and muscle tissue injuries. Perform classification tasks within the context of a defined hierarchy of choices.

Imaging Analysis

Leveraging the power of AI to reduce man made error in disease diagnosis. Parse complex medical image datasets (CAT Scans & MRIs) through our object detection ML's for better disease prevention protocols.

Clinical Trails

Simplify medical code searches by using our advanced OCR ML's for better patient outcomes. Reduce time and gain efficiency in updating relevant datasets for optimal healthcare improvement.


Process and label the most complex datasets for an immersive VR experience through advanced object identification. Utilize our ML infrastructure for medical training, advanced surgery practices and vital & organ classification for surgery prep.

DL based Medical management with 99.99% human accuracy.

Robotic Surgical Systems (RSS)

AI empowered surgical robotics can assist surgeons during operations by decreasing fluctuations allowing them to perform better during interventions. Through reinforcement learning techniques the AI-assisted surgery could soon provide a better patient outcome and reduced healthcare expenditures.

Electronics Medical Records Analysis

Remove the cumbersome process of managing multiple interfaces for analyzing & verifying medical records through AI and ML automation. Associate information from historical records such as medications & lab values for given conditions instantly, reserving the cognitive efforts of medical staff for providing better care.

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