Operationalize Machine Learning Models for the Federal Enterprise.

Automate creations of supervised and unsupervised machine learning and deep learning models that incorporate HelloGov's world-class data science expertise.

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Operationalize AI at Scale.

Simplified Deployments

Simplified model deployments with high performance load balancing, Kubernetes cluster management & async web services.

Streamline from Proof-of-Concept to Production

Track your ML & DL projects from proof-of-concept to production deployment with out-of-the-box support (i.e. Tensorflow and Pytorch).

Model Management

End-to-end and fully transparent model management with intuitive version control.

How HelloGov's ML and DL Modeling Works.

Targets & Constraints

Define the performance targets and operational constraints that characterize the desired models.

Data Ingestion

Our data ingestion pipeline populates your streaming & batched data from pre-existing databases & data warehouses into an on-premise or cloud based data lake.

Data Annotation

We annotate your data sets through our secured Carnegie Studio™ platform.

Model Matching

Your data sets are matched to the most efficient models.


Construct a prototype based on HelloGov design principles and best practices.

Operationalize Model

Upon approval of the prototype, we operationalize the models.

What HelloGov Provides.

Developing & operationalizing ML and DL models in the Federal Enterprise can be time consuming, complex, costly, or often filled with annotating vast amounts of data, model inefficiencies, and lack of trust. HelloGov reduces months off development time while improving model performance and gaining unparalleled insights, less guesswork and more trust.

Faster Deployments

Our AI assisted and Human-In-The-Loop workflows can generate ML and DL models ~5x faster for federal datasets.

On-Premise or Off-Premise

HelloGov minimizes the deployment footprints of all ML and DL models, allowing federal agencies to develop AI in any environment.

Explainable AI

Through explainability technology, we provide transparency via visual insights & ML documentation describing the algorithms used in the process. All models are centrally monitored with real-time insights on health and usage.

Production Ready

All ML & DL models are ready for production and can be deployed within minutes.

Continuous Updates

We manage model accuracy to understand which features have drifted & deploy non-intrusive continuous updates.

Best-in-class Models

We build innovative models from diverse data types & an extensive library of open-source & proprietary models ranging from classic regression & complex multiclass classification, to advanced deep learning algorithms.

Operationalize & Accelerate your ML & DL Pipelines with a Trusted Partner.

HelloGov accelerates machine learning & deep learning models in a trusted & transparent way while exceeding the most demanding requirements for your federal use cases.

The nation's leading
federal agencies trust us.


We deliver 99.99% results and provide the highest quality ML and DL models in the federal industry.

Mission Critical Support

Our data annotation specialists can provide 24/7 assistance to mission critical federal enterprises.

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