Solve real-world problems using your data to build ML applications, microservices, and 3rd party connectors. A fully featured development environment to create dashboards, visualizations or ML driven dynamic experience.


Web, Mobile, Desktop, IoT and Edge Devices.

Data Visualizations

Drive metrics and analytics via ML enabled dashboards and 3rd party BI integrations.

APIs & Microservices

Create lightning fast APIs and microservices for internal use or integrations with 3rd party tools and systems.

ML Application Development Made Easy

Full-scale Machine Learning Development

Patriot is a fully-featured development environment to create custom machine learning applications and services. Build predictive analytics, dashboards, automations using industry leading frameworks, libraries, and tooling.

Framework Integrations

Patriot™ supports a wide and ever-growing collection of industry standard libraries & frameworks. Out-of-the-box support and integrations include Pytorch, Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe and NVIDIA and more.

Third Party Integrations

We continually enrich our tech stack to bring the best AI technologies to our federal clients.

Hardware Libraries
Deep Learning Frameworks
Deployment Toolkits
Other AI Tools
Cloud Providers

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