Perform scalable Machine Learning tasks and model training at the click of a button. Grant™ orchestrates containerized instances within Kubernetes on-premise or in the cloud for any Federal AI/ML use case.


Distribute training workloads across several containers instantly.

On-Premise or Cloud

Grant™ uses Kubernetes and Docker containers for a self-contained, scalable, configuration driven infrastructure that can be deployed or replicated infinitely on-premise or externally through Azure, GovCloud or MilCloud.

Metrics & Monitring

Gain real-time insights on your ML compute cluster performance through easy-to-use statistics and monitoring dashboards.

ML training & Numerical computation

Hosting = Agnostic. Outcome = Consistent.

Whether operated on-premise, in-cloud, closed network, or internet connected, Grant™ guarantees the expected results. Achieve full AI autonomy in any environment and any use case.

Scaled ML Training & Computing

Achieve faster model training through parallelized transfer learning strategies. Harness asynchronous compute power from multiple container instances and achieve exponential growth in Federal ML operations.

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Harness the power of the nation's first full-stack AI company from data labeling to modeling.

Accelerate machine learning and deep learning in a trusted and transparent way.

Work with the nation's best annotators and orchestrate active learning.

Create ground truth 10x faster.

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