Leverage Knox for seamless deployment of applications and services at scale. Deploy ML standalone applications, IoT and edge devices, or seamless integration with 3rd party software and APIs.

On Premise

ML implementation for applications at scale.


Secured cloud-based deployment via integration service.

Edge Devices

Enhance network security through edge devices.

Bringing versatility & simplicity to Federal ML Ops

On Premise Hosting

Create and manage microservices, API's, web applications or integrations with existing systems, securely within your network infrastructure.

Cloud & IoT Deployment

Deploy your ML applications securely via the cloud with any one of our integration partners. (Aws Govcloud, Microsoft Azure, MilCloud)

Edge Devices

Enhance your agency's network infrastructure with AI powered applications deployable to routers, switches, load balancers and other edge devices.

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Harness the power of the nation's first full-stack AI company from data labeling to modeling.

Accelerate machine learning and deep learning in a trusted and transparent way.

Work with the nation's best annotators and orchestrate active learning.

Create ground truth 10x faster.

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