AI-as-a-Service Solutions for Defense & Military

HelloGov's AI-as-a-Service platform provides productivity and user experience innovations in a plug-and-play, machine learning infrastructure configurable for armed forces & defense agencies.
Scalable, hardware-agnostic, AI and ML Operations environments offline, online, or front line.

Automatic Target Recognition

Improve target detection with computer vision workflows.

Significantly reduce manpower-intensive tasks of manual target identification with accelerated decision-making and precision. Leaverage our AI & Machine Learning solutions to gather critical information and protect our nation's heroes.

Surveillance & Recon

Let nothing go undetected with ML-in-the-Loop.

Traverse vast amounts of image, audio, full motion video or 3D LiDAR & Spatial Data for the points that matter. Quickly uncover suspicious activity or threats using Active Learning and Predictive Labeling to form a precise plan of action.


Faster threat predictions build resilient systems.

Ingest paramaters from real-time threat databases to analyze network states and prioritize maintenance actions to ensure optimal risk coverage while reducing manpower.

Federal data labeling starts with HelloGov

Accelerate machine learning while achieving the highest data quality.