AI-as-a-Service for Healthcare

Enhance disease research and the surveillance of large-scale health threats through predictive analytics and active learning. Simulate real-world disaster scenarios to ensure high-availability resource deployment plans, to foster a healthier community.

AI in Research Enhancement & Diagnosis

Fast & secure annotation research analytics

From clinical trails to rapid cell analysis, automate & deconstruct oceans of patient data for anomaly detection & digital pathology enhancement. Create robust workflows for disease prevention to assist in a more effective patient treatment action with ML assistance.

AI for AR & VR

Accurate training and data classification.

From medical training for advanced surgery practices to vital & organ classification for surgery prep, label the most complex data for an immersive VR experience through advanced object identification.

AI in Patient Claims & Records

Accelerated data processing through data training

Create secured complex data annotations for precise patient medical history labeling, and analyze policyholder info for claim processing for insured patients. Automate the monitoring of records for massive resource reduction.

Federal data labeling starts with HelloGov

Accelerate machine learning while achieving the highest data quality.