AI-as-a-Service for Moderation

Providing innovations through plug-and-play ML pipelines for automated moderation of your agency's most critical protocols and operational ordinance.

Best-in-class deep learning models to moderate USG image, video & audio content

Endless content moderation at your figure tips, from flagging potential threats or violence in videos, to screening critical threats from social text, leverage our automated moderation ML's with greater accuracy for better national safety.


Accuracy in moderation for threat analysis.


Faster threat moderation powered by AI models.


Efficiency in actionable intelligence from moderation models.


Text Moderation

Evolution in Content Moderation.
Examine text content 10x faster by utilizing our ML models for text string data or text from images (OCR). Create customized classification filters or use our premade models such as sentiment analysis or PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Easily detect, classify & prioritize any malicious content for the definitive edge on threat readiness.

Audio Moderation

Evolution in Audio Analysis
Process audio files through our transcription and sentiment analysis models across several languages. Transcribe audio in real-time for automated threat assessment and content monitoring. Our advanced ML pipelines can help to identify potentially harmful & malicious chatter to provide your agency actionable intelligence.

Video Moderation

Achieving leverage in Video Intelligence
Video content is funneled through our pre-trained visual search models providing accelerated zero-shot classification at scale. Utilize our pipelines to Identify & classify harmful criterions such as violence, drugs and other sets of malicious video activity while achieving real-time, pragmatic results.

Image Moderation

Image Moderation at Scale
Image content is ingested through our custom models providing efficient classification at scale. Utilize our protocols for target Identification and harmful criterions for malicious activity for real-time actionable intelligence.

An extensive and ever-growing list of supported input file types.









Our DL models classify over 30+ subclasses across 6 distinct classes

Insider Threat Awareness

Process agency chat logs for suspicious activity/behavior. Performs classification tasks within the context of a defined hierarchy of choices.

Malicious Codewords

Utilize audio processing strategies such as speech recognition, dialogue analysis and intent classification to identify potential threats to national security.

Cyber Threat

Parse structured data from raw text files, HTML entity recognition, or network request headers to quickly assess cyber threat resilience

Airport Security (TSA)

Process scans & x-ray imaging fast and accurately via advanced object detection and segmentation. Track & dispatch no-fly-list targets reactively through facial recognition powered monitoring.

Digital Forgery

Enhance immigration & I.D. materials using our OCR and Pairwise Comparator pipelines. Verify the authenticity of passports or birth certificates faster than ever with deep learning neural networks.

Patient Claims & Records

Process complex medical datasets for precise patient history classification. Utilize our data training infrastructure for automation in monitoring insured patient records with massive resource reduction.

DL based content moderation with 99.99% human accuracy.

Recorded Audio & Video

An out-of-the-box ML/DL video/audio content moderation solution that supports over 50+ languages. Our custom ML pipelines analyze 100+ TB of audio conversations and video footage to identify content in the top 25% usability, ensuring more effective field exercises and intel.

Image Compliance

Easily process thousands of medical exam datasets including radiology images, X-rays & CAT Scans. The images are then analyzed through our deep learning infrastructure. The data is anonymized, stored and integrated using a deep-learning based process where it is subject to approval or rejection based on quality and other compliance standards.

Insider Threat Mitigation

Process thousands of agency chat & video conferencing logs for suspicious behavior or potential inside threats using sentiment analysis. Utilize our ML pipelines to build classifications that prioritize critical threat responsiveness and compliance standards for maintaining national security.

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