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Our transparent application process

Matching You to a Role

Metropolis Workforce is like a blend of E-Harmony and Indeed, tailored for the public sector. It's developed by top AI Researchers and uses over 100 compatibility factors to connect you with not just a job, but a role that fits beyond daily tasks. This leads to happy, content, and productive employees, boasting incredibly low turnover rates of less than 1%.

AI Guardrails

We're committed to ethical AI practices in our job matching platform. Our system is designed with strong guardrails to ensure non-discrimination and fairness in every match. While our advanced AI algorithms play a crucial role in analyzing compatibility factors, we maintain human oversight in the process. This hybrid approach ensures a balanced and transparent hiring process, respecting both the potential of AI and the irreplaceable value of human judgment.

Interview Process

Meet BellaGPT, our friendly AI assistant for recruiting conversations. After you're matched with a job, BellaGPT will get in touch via email or text to ask a few more questions. Then, she'll arrange an interview for you with someone from our hiring team.


Our goal is to make an offer within 24 hours post-interview, sometimes even sooner, because we respect your time. We're committed to transparency, so if you don't get an offer and reach out to us, a real person (not BellaGPT 😄) from our team will explain why.

Onboarding and mentorship

The onboarding process usually takes up to 14 business days, though it might take a little longer for positions requiring higher security clearances. From their first day, every new team member, regardless of their role, is paired with a HelloGov Career Evangelist. This person is dedicated to ensuring your happiness and success within our company.

We're a company of "humbitious" (humble and ambitious) doers that prides itself on employee goals and personal wellbeing

The essentials

Negotiation-free compensation

Understanding that salary negotiations can be stressful, we developed an AI-enabled tool that assesses fair market value for each team member. This tool is based on 8 years of extensive research and works like a personal stock ticker, reflecting your market value.

Work from almost anywhere

We generally prefer not to impose restrictions on our employees and support hybrid and remote work. However, due to the sensitive nature of our work and the requirements of our federal partners and clients, there are certain rules we need to follow.

Grow with us

Continous learning and education

We've teamed up with renowned institutions like Stanford University and deep tech trainers to offer both in-person and virtual learning opportunities. Our team members receive a recurring budget to use for courses, career advancement, or attending conference workshops, giving everyone the chance to grow and learn in ways that suit them best.

Transition to new roles

We're passionate about providing our team members with chances to broaden their horizons. That's why we offer a 6-month paid sabbatical, allowing them to delve into other areas like AI and Quantum Computing. This opportunity is all about encouraging growth and exploration beyond their current field of expertise.

Focus on your wellbeing

Recharge with generous PTO & more

We offer a generous 3 weeks of PTO annually, to be used however you like, plus additional sick leave. Also, we have a unique culture where any team can recommend a 'mental recharge day' for a colleague. If we notice someone really needs a break, HelloGov makes sure they get a day off to unwind and recharge, all on us.

Invest in your wellness

We really care about your well-being and happiness, as they're key to our collective success. That's why we're here to back you up with resources and support for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Enjoy a monthly wellness budget for things like gym memberships, healthy snacks, massages, health insurance, and even Uber rides to work. It's all about taking good care of yourself!


We're proud that a significant number of our team members are reservists. We fully support them by adhering to USERRA, ensuring their job rights, status, and compensation are protected whenever they need to fulfill their military service duties.

Parental leave

We offer new parents 5 weeks of paid parental leave, along with an additional 13 weeks of paid leave for pregnancy-related medical needs. We want you to cherish and make the most of this special time with your little ones.

More Benefits & Perks

Health & 401K

Employee-covered health care and retirement match.


Uber rides, DoorDash lunchs, and discounts.

Employee Assistance Programs

Confidential, professional support to help employees navigate personal or work-related challenges.


Qualified equity, giving employees a valuable share and stake in our collective success and growth.

Open Roles

If Metropolis Workforce hasn't matched you to a job yet, we still urge you to apply directly below. Rest assured, your profile will receive the same level of attention as those sourced from our active and passive job network partners.

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