Normalize data complexity prior to model training to ensure the highest quality training data for ML compliance. Maverick™ middleware stack optimizes datasets for the most popular framework standards.

Model Accuracy

Dramatically increase model accuracy with normalized datasets.

ML Compliance

Say goodbye to tedious scripting. Transform training data for compliance with any framework, library or schema.

Cost Efficiency

Training models with inefficient data costs time, computing and human resources. Maverick™ improves efficiency exponentially.

Normalizing data complexity

Normalization Out-of-the-Box

Maverick™ empowers agency's to reduce common data pitfalls while increasing integrity. Leverage our advanced ML pipelines to ensure peak model accuracy at faster speeds.

Machine Learning Compliance

Training datasets often undergo tedious layers of ad-hoc, homebrew scripting to transform and organize data into formats specified by popular ML frameworks, libraries and tooling. Maverick™ abstracts all of the processing complexities away to free up data scientists and ML ops to do what they do best.

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