Our Ethics Policy

With the forthcoming 4th industrial revolution, Artificial Intelligence will fundamentally change the way we work, live, and interact with machines. HelloGov believes that moving from the third to the fourth industrial revolution will open a new chapter in human development – incorporating the extraordinary technological advances of AI.

These advanced technologies will create novel opportunities and promises of a better and inclusive human-centered future. On the other hand, the evolution of AI will present potential risks and dangers where our ethics and those of the machines we build will become increasingly critical.

We’ve instilled our core principles to set the foundation for HelloGov as we continue to learn, grow, and democratize AI for the public sector and greater good.

  1. We promise to use AI for the greater good. Under no circumstances, will we exploit vulnerable populations nor do harm.
  2. We understand importance of diversity and will ensure that we do not built bias and prejudice into any of our data sets, models and algorithms.
  3. We commit to being transparent to ensure trust in our services, products, and the work we are doing to democratize AI in the public sector.
  4. We commit to providing educational resources to the public sector and industry in support of a future where AI brings job augmentation, not job displacement.