Neural Reagan™

Neural Regan provides the largest repository of pre-trained ML models for federal agencies. Ranging from OCR, transcription, management, and much more. Leverage our unique ML model infrastructure for all of your agency tasks.


Classification, Summarization, and Entity Recognition models.

Image & Video

Object Detection, Comparison, Optical Character Recognition and Classification models.


Transcription, Summarization, and Translation models.

ML Infrastructure for Agency readiness

Detection & Recognition

Neural Regan is leading the way in computer vision detection and recognition models for the Federal enterprise. From leveraging our deep learning models to detect, classify and prioritize people, vehicles and other objects across image and full-motion video.

File & Document Management

Summarize, transcribe or analyze tokens within documents using our pretrained NLP models. Multi-format data processing (audio, video, text and images types) are easily chainable through ML workflows.

Infrastructure & Logistics

Our more unique infrastructure and logistics models include Wear & Tear Prediction via maintenance checks or inventory checkups. Deep learning for utility security infrastructure address electrical grid systems utilizing threat resistance analysis.

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