AI-as-a-Service for Data Organization

We provide innovations in a plug-and-play, ML infrastructure for data organization. Automated & quality analysis of all your secured systems for optimal efficiency.

Best-in-class deep learning models for data management

Endless management automation at your figure tips, from organizing mountains of data to overall quality data analysis, leverage our automated ML's with greater data intelligence for efficiency in your most secured systems.


Accuracy in document management for organization efficiently.


Faster data intelligence powered by AI Driven infrastructure.


Efficiency in actionable intelligence from organization models.


Document Organization

Efficiency in Document Management
Easily process mountains of document files through our object detection models for data sorting and interrelations. Our OCR pipelines can help to parse and classify unstructured datasets from documents for asynchronous migration to structured data for on hand visualization.

Video Organization

Achieving leverage in Video Management
Video content is ingested through our pre-trained models providing accelerated organization at scale. Utilize our pipelines to classify criterions such as object, person, place, date and other more complex classification filters while achieving quality video intel efficiency.

Image Organization

Image Management at Scale
Image datasets are ingested through our custom models providing optimal classification at scale. Utilize our OCR models to classify subclasses such as place, people, objects and others criterions for accelerated organization providing optimized reconnaissance.

An extensive and ever-growing list of supported input file types.









Our DL models classify over 30+ subclasses across 5 distinct classes

Document Processing

Process thousands of documents using object detection for efficient dataset migration. Perform classification tasks within the context of a defined hierarchy of choices.

Image Reconnaissance

Utilize our OCR model classifications such as place, people, object recognition and other more complex classification criterions to organize your most secure image datasets.

Patient Records

Parse complex medical datasets for precise patient history classification. Utilize our ML models for organization automation in managing patient records achieving resource reduction at scale.

Inventory processing

Parse structured data from inventory logs utilizing our OCR pipelines for classification of your most secure management funnels. Leverage our ML infrastructure for precise organization of inventory records while maintaining proficiency in agency logistics management.

Video Organization

Process mountains of video recording through our OCR model classifications such as person, charge, interrogation, case number and other more complex classification criterions for asynchronous organization of your most secure video recording datasets.

DL based content management with 99.99% human accuracy.

Documents & Media

Mitigate bulky document rummaging with our robust ML models for information efficiency while reducing manual effort. Annotate, transcribe & classify through object detection/tracking with our ML pipelines to better manage your raw media data efficiently.

Meta Data Discovery

HelloGov is leading in meta data analysis & discovery. We provide multi format data iteration which include audio, video, text and images types. From improving meta findability to content classifying our ML model provide multi layer annotation pipelines for all your meta tree creations.

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