The most comprehensive data labeling service for the federal government.

HelloGov's best-in-class, self service annotation platform Carnegie Studio™ allows agencies to accelerate dataset production with human-operated tools, automations, and active learning.

Our Metropolis Workforce™ platform offers trained data annotation experts to propel your agency's data labeling projects.


Create unlimited datasets with precise guidelines and complex ontologies.


Using Carnegie Studio™'s intelligent algorithms and guidance tools to reduce labeling time.


Gain real-time visibility into your annotation process with metrics, feedback and QA.

HelloGov Data Labeling.

A Foundation for Federal Machine Learning.

Convert unstructured data to training data with parallelized labeling. Our labeling service enables federal data science teams to focus more on critical tasks of modeling and less on labor-intensive tasks of data annotation.

Semi-Automated Annotation

Our integrated deep learning ML's & pre-trained classes run automatic annotations on qualified data sets before reaching human annotators, allowing simple validation or fixing of labeled data.

Flexible Hosting

Whether it's our "white glove" managed service or our flexible self service platform Carnegie Studio™, we provide the same seamless data labeling experience in the cloud (AWS GovCloud, Microsoft Azure) or on your agency's servers.

Enhanced Security

HelloGov's labeling service is compliant with ISO-27001 & NIST, proving confidentiality & integrity of all of our assets, including the workforce, IT infrastructure and workplace.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring highest standards in data labeling, HelloGov deploys quality management measures through skill verification testing, continual training, data quality scoring, hourly audits, & human (data annotation specialists) inspections.

Federal data labeling starts with HelloGov

Accelerate machine learning while achieving the highest data quality.