Our mission is to build
the nation's leading federal
AI company while democratizing
government access to artificial intelligence.

HelloGov® is a privately-held EDWOSB founded by former Silicon Valley Machine Learning (ML) pioneers, Google Tensorflow researchers, and DoD Data Scientists. Our AI/ML suite simplifies the entire ML journey using a SEUI® (Self-Explanatory User Interface) allowing Non-Data Scientists to rapidly build ML models, from data ingestion to labeling to modeling and deployment – 10x faster with up to 50% reduction in ML total cost of ownership (TCO).

We empower federal agencies with AI enabled products that drive transformation.

Core Beliefs

We believe in a human-centric partnership model between people and AI working together to enhance data preparation, machine learning, and cognitive performance.

The future of federal AI is job augmentation, not job displacement.

We are a H2H (Human to Human) company. We start with the human experience and work back toward the technology.

HelloGov is committed to hiring veterans from the U.S. Armed Forces. Our company values the sacrifice, leadership, and character that our veterans bring to the workforce. Our Metropolis Workforce™ Training program translates the veteran’s elite military service to the data technology sector and helps create the next generation of technologists and leaders. As the military makes up the majority of HelloGov's customer base, we are proud to remain loyal to the men and women who have served and sacrificed. Onward and upward.

Management Team

Shami Khalili, Managing Partner

Thomas Cresine, CTO

Fayin Li, CDO

Oliver,CFO (Chief Fetch Officer)

Kelly Doyle, CISO

AJ Jaghori, Advisor

Paula Brown, Strategic Partner

Lori Price, Strategic Partner

Jerry Kennedy, Strategic Partner

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Our Story

A "Hello, World!" program is generally a simply computer program used to illustrate the basic syntax of a programming language. In 2016, as a small team of commercial AI experts, we were commissioned to build a minimally viable machine learning application for the Department of Defense. The application was written in Python and the python script file was appropriately named hello_gov.py. When asked who we worked with, our team members would respond with "HelloGov" as an homage to our first python script. The name stuck and was later incorporated as the company name. We delivered our first application in a record time and realized that current public sector ML solutions were highly proprietary, built exclusively for Data Scientists and commercial enterprises, required coding, and had tedious vendor lock-ins. We made it our mission to Democratize AI/ML for the public sector and began building a full suite of no-code and non-proprietary ML products from the ground up with zero vendor lock-in.

Since launching, we have been fortunate to be working with some of the best federal agencies, system integrators, industry partners and investors. Today, we have formed an incredible team of humbitious (humble and ambitious) colleagues across our two offices in Northern Virginia and Palo Alto, CA. Along the way, we have developed a strong customer focus with a commitment to enrich, secure, and improve our customer's journey from data to intelligence.

Democratizing AI & ML

HelloGov is leading the movement to democratize AI for the federal Government through collaboration with our partners. We believe in open, transparent and secure AI solutions that enable simpler, faster and more cost-effective means for delivering expert data science and AI as a force multiplier for every government enterprise.