Our mission is to build
the nation's leading federal
AI company while democratizing
government access to artificial intelligence.

HelloGov® is a venture-backed Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) company founded by ex- Machine Learning (ML) Researchers from OpenAI, Google, and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), united by our shared patriotism and belief of advancing AI in the U.S. public sector to maintain global competitiveness. We conduct AGI research, solution development, and human capital resourcing with the declared intention of Democratizing AI/ML for the Public Sector. HelloGov hold small business designations and a Top-Secret Facility Clearance.

We empower federal agencies with AI enabled products that drive transformation.

Core Beliefs

We believe in a human-centric partnership model between people and AI working together to enhance responsible, explainable, and adversarial AI.

The future of federal AI is job augmentation, not job displacement.

We are dedicated to developing AI responsibly and ethically. Our commitment is to create AI solutions that are transparent, fair, and privacy-conscious.

HelloGov is committed to hiring veterans from the U.S. Armed Forces. Our company values the sacrifice, leadership, and character that our veterans bring to the workforce. Our Metropolis Workforce™ Training program translates the veteran's elite military service to the data science sector and helps create the next generation of AI technologists and leaders. As the military makes up the majority of HelloGov's customer base, we are proud to remain loyal to the men and women who have served and sacrificed. Onward and upward.

Meet the Team

Exceptional achievements demand exceptional individuals, and we firmly believe that our team embodies excellence.

We are a collective of innovative, amiable, and diverse researchers, engineers, and tacticians who derive genuine satisfaction from our work and the collaborative environment we foster. Our team's cohesion, extensive skill set, and multifaceted insights empower us to develop AI solutions that transcend conventional notions and elevate concepts beyond mere brilliance.

Shami Khalili, Partner (Operations)

Thomas Cresine, CTO

Faiyin Li, Chief Data Scientist, Computer Vision

Jerry Kennedy, Partner (Strategic)

Mary Watts, Chief of Staff

AJ Jaghori, Advisor

Paula Brown, Partner (Strategic)

Lori Price, Partner (Strategic)

Dr. Jacob Meyers, Chief Generative AI Officer

Doug MacDonald, Engineering, Data (DoD)

Jessika Sutton, Developer, Data (Civilian)

Thomas Sershon, Engineering, Data (DoD)

Paul Lavandosky, Developer, Data (Civilian)

Charles Chapman, Computer Vision Engineer, MIT

Shing Han, Data Scientist, NLP

Linda Harrison, ML Engineer

Dr. Miles Lamb, ML Researcher

Omar Austin, Deep Learning Engineer

Dr. Anita Hosain, AI Research Scientist, MIT

Cecilia McKnight, AI Solutions Architect, Stanford

Lilian Wang, NLP Engineer

Stephanie Mueller, Partner (AI - Intel)

Lana Tan, AI Strategist, Civilian

Dr. Mya Hahn, ML Researcher, MIT

Edgar Bridges, Sr. ML Researcher, LLM

Aaron Kirk, ML Researcher, LLM

Vera Wilkers, Conversational AI Researcher, Stanford

Ben Zukerman, Language Model Architect, LLM

James Robertson, AI Product Manager, LLM

Gabby Pearce, Partner (LLM)

Team member images brought to life through HelloGov's text-to-image application.

Our Story

Founded in 2016, HelloGov began as a startup with roots in Generative AI, Computer Vision, and Large Language Models (LLMs), springing from groundbreaking projects at Google Tensorflow and OpenAI. Our first project, "hello_gov.py", was a simple yet groundbreaking machine learning application for the U.S. Intelligence Community, setting the stage for our company's trajectory.

Today, HelloGov is a leading AI company in the public sector, with offices in Palo Alto, Boston, and D.C., and a team marked by humility and ambition. We've partnered with top federal agencies, system integrators, and investors, committed to transforming data into intelligence for our clients.

Democratizing AI For the Public Sector™

HelloGov is leading the movement to democratize Al for the public sector through collaboration with our partners. We believe in open, transparent and secure Al solutions that enable simpler, faster and more cost-effective means for delivering expert data science and Al as a force multiplier for every government enterprise.