Large Language & Foundation Models for Federal Enterprise

Utilize the latest, most-trusted LLMs & FMs to the fullest extent with our AI Platform for Federal Generative AI initiatives.

The Foundation for Federal Generative AI

Empower your agency's Generative AI initiatives with HelloGov's AI Product Suite, built exclusively for the Federal Enterprise. Integrate with an extensive catalog of LLMs and FMs from both open-source and AI partner resources. Build with confidence and convenience through our Neural Reagan™ model repository, the largest collection of pre-trained models specific for Federal use cases.

The Value in LLMs and FMs


Extensive Model Integrations

Our AI products & services connect with the latest, most-trusted AI models, including Adept, Cohere, Anthropic, CarperAI, and OpenAI as well as open-source FM resources such as BERT, GPT-Neo, Stable Diffusion and many more.

Transfer Learning With FMs

Integrate any base foundational model as the structure to craft and refine your agency's own domain-specific models. These fine-tuned models accelerate training and efficiency for mission critical objectives.

Automated Data Annotation

Our data annotation platform Carnegie Studio offers rapid, AI-powered label creation by utilizing GPT-3 integrations to automate mountains of manual labeling tasks.

Chat Powered Workflows & Tasks

Create chat powered applications for your agency's most repetitive and manually intensive tasks. Customize chat prompts with ease to rapidly delegate AI workflows during mission critical moments.

Use Cases

Translation & Summarization

Easily translate structured or unstructured text data sources into multiple languages. Save time reviewing, referencing or compiling mission-centric documents with LLM summarization chains.

Document Classification

Rapidly assign secured data to one or more classes or categories based off our unique categorization models through RLHF prompts.

Advanced Decision Making

Chain various LLM or FM driven services through workflows tailored to your agency's business process. Automate notifications on mission critical updates, generate or perform actionable tasks while accelerating informed decision making.

Federal Generative AI starts with HelloGov

Accelerate machine learning while achieving the highest data quality.