AI-as-a-Service for Cyber

Empower day-to-day operations with custom AI & ML platforms for cyber ecosystems. Reduce manual labor and provide sustainable safety for your agency.

Best-in-class deep learning models Cyber Security

Endless Cyber ecosystem automation at your figure tips, from flagging potential threats in security cameras, to screening critical threats power grids, leverage our automated moderation ML's with greater accuracy for better nation safety.


Accuracy in system monitoring for threat analysis.


Faster threat detection powered by AI driven models.


Efficiency in actionable intelligence from security models.


Network Defense

Evolving Digital Defense
Leverage our secured automated HTML entity recognition models for improved cyber threat monitoring. Easily monitor government networks & servers for detection of any type of ransomware, malware, trojans and any other malicious criterions for effective threat prevention.

Grid Systems

Innovation in Audio Analysis
Process criterions through network flow through our ML infrastructure models for grid system threat prevention. Utilize our Through our HTML Entity Recognition pipelines monitor & detect any potentially malicious code lines that pose threat to national security.

Security analyst Augmentation

Prioritizing safety in work ecosystems
Utilize our ML models to automate repetitive tasks to allocate low-risk alerts to free up analysts to focus on plans of action for high-level threats. Leverage our ML pipeline criterions to manage low level threats while utilizing our advance models for decisive action for more critical threat issues.

An extensive and ever-growing list of supported input file types.









Our DL models classify over 30+ subclasses across 4 distinct classes

Malware Threats

Easily process massive datasets & event types for effective malware detection. Perform threat classification tasks within the context of a defined hierarchy of choices.

Cyber Threats

Parse structured data from raw text files, HTML entity recognition, or agency network request headers to quickly assess cyber threat resilience over your most secured systems.

Critical infrastructure

Process all your engineered systems such as avionics, toll gates and other critical systems utilizing our DL infrastructure for predictive maintenance analysis & threat detection.


Parse real-time criterions from threat databases for precise CCTV analysis obtaining attribute recognition at scale for effective threat coverage.

DL based Cyber management with 99.99% human accuracy.

Embedded Systems

A plug-&-play security infrastructure for various systems such as toll gates, avionics, electrical grids & much more. Leverage our Deep learning models for threat detection through network flow, C2 infrastructure and server firewalls.

Video Security

HelloGov is simplifying mission-critical security priorities while reducing manpower. Ingest criterions from real-time threat databases for network state analysis & compute surveillance camera analysis protocols to achieve attribute recognition at scale for national safety risk coverage.

Penetration Testing

Leverage our custom ML pipelines for all of your cyber defense validation protocols. Harness our complex ML infrastructure to automate series of network breach trails for multiple vulnerability tests based on a hierarchy of threat classifications for cyber resilience.

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