AI-as-a-Service for Situational Awareness

HelloGov's platform provides innovations in a plug-and-play, ML infrastructure for Intelligence. Automated & quality analysis of your agency's most secured information systems for threat awareness.

Best-in-class deep learning models for threat monitoring and situational awareness.

Enhance your agency's ability to respond to threats or crisis situations swiftly and effectively. Detect potential or imminent threats across image, video, text and audio data. Leverage our pattern analysis and object detection deep learning models to create AI driven countermeasures that prevent disasters early.


Accuracy in optics via AI powered computer vision.


Speed in video review powered by AI driven Models.


Efficiency in actionable intelligence from monitoring models.


Text Intelligence

Actionable intelligence in record speeds
Process structured or unstructured text data 10x faster by utilizing our ML models. Use our premade models such as NLP, Time Series Forecasting or Outlier & Anomaly Detection to easily detect, classify and automate actionable intelligence and strategic advantages.

Audio Intelligence

Evolution in Audio Analysis
Transcribe and translate audio data across several languages. Our advanced ML pipelines can help ISR identify and exploit mission critical insights for quick decision making.

Video Intelligence

Computer vision powered optics
Significantly reduce manual human video supervision through our advanced ML-in-the-loop pipelines. Provide ISR initiatives optics and insights into field conditions and objectives with reactive precision.

Image Intelligence

Multi-spectral oversight
Gain awareness through aerial, multi-spectral, or geospatial data for homeland security or military initiatives abroad. Create models for rapid classification of suspicious behavior, changing field conditions, patterns and anomalies.

An extensive and ever-growing list of supported input file types.









Our DL models classify over 30+ subclasses across 6 distinct classes

Field Objectives

Process agency chat logs for suspicious activity/behavior. Performs classification tasks within the context of a defined hierarchy of choices.

Pattern Detection

Analyze full-motion video, multi-spectral and SAR imagery for deviations through object detection, keypoint labeling, semantic segmentation DL models.

Emergency Response

Mitigate risk by leveraging multi-dimensional crisis aversion models to improve responsiveness and stabilize public safety and infrastructure.

Airport Security (TSA)

Process x-ray imaging fast and accurately via advanced object detection and segmentation.. Track & dispatch "no-fly" targets using facial recognition monitoring.

Border Control

Utilize object detection and pattern analysis neural networks to secure our nation's borders from illegal intrusion and foreign criminal activity.

Maritime Security

Achieve maritime compliance through advanced computer vision and deep learning. Monitor imports, exports and suspicious port activities.

DL based Reconnaissance with 99.99% human accuracy.

Intel, Surveillance & Recon (ISR)

Attain full domain superiority with AI powered surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities and multi-spectral targeting systems. Traverse huge amounts of visible or infrared imagery, spatial or sensor data that enables commanders to make critical decisions in high-risk environments.

UAVs & Drones

Provide reactive and intelligent capabilities to UAV & Drone with AI accelerated decision-making and target identification neural networks. Parallel process detections of infrared and LiDAR via ML assisted prediction and active learning for smarter recon.

Crisis Management

Predict and prevent infrastructural, environmental and public harm from crisis events. Respond faster than ever to aid those in need through AI powered optics and geospatial intelligence.

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